Times tables

  • We have provided links and practice sheets for all the times tables which you will be able to print off at home. This will help enable your child to perform better in arithmetic tests. 
  • If your child is confident with multiplication facts, it is important they learn associated division facts. For instance, 2 x 9 = 18, therefore 18 ÷ 2 = 9.


The two to twelve times tables should be known, by heart before the end of year four. 


The following links will help your child learn their times tables:








If you want any practice worksheets to help your child with their times tables, please use the links below. You can easily print the resources. 


2 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/2xtable/resources/2xtable2xmmmabb.pdf

3 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/3xtable/resources/3xtable3xmmmabb.pdf

4 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/4xtable/resources/4xtable4xmmmabb.pdf

5 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/5xtable/resources/5xtable5xmmmabb.pdf

6 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/6xtable/resources/6xtable6xmmmabb.pdf

7 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/7xtable/resources/7xtablemmmabb.pdf

8 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/8xtable/resources/8xtablemmmabb.pdf

9 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/9xtable/resources/9xtablemmmabb.pdf

10 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/10xtable/resources/10xtable10xmmmabb.pdf

11 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/11xtable/resources/11xtablemmmabb.pdf

12 x table worksheets - http://www.snappymaths.com/multdiv/12xtable/resources/12xtablemmmabb.pdf