What We've Been Up To

HT6 Bradford Literature Festival

We were invited to Bradford University to enjoy performances by a beatboxing poet, a poetry slammer and a book illustrator. We had a great time!


HT6 Fables

As a hook for our new Literacy topic we were visited by some furry friends. We have been thinking about how different animals are portrayed in fables, and about the morals of each story. We will soon be writing our own fables.

HT6 Science

We went into the school grounds to look at the different trees we have. We were able to identify them by their leaf shape and bark.

HT6 RE Special Journeys

As part of our topic we learned the story of Moses. We then used drama to recreate a scene from his story.

HT6 Money Week

As part of Money Week we have done lots of fun activities in the classroom around the theme of money. We have organised a raffle to try and raise money for school funds, writing to businesses to ask for prizes. We have made money boxes,and also a 'pound sign triptych'  where we learned the artists' technique of hatching. We also researched the different slang words for money e.g. dough, quid, monkey, dosh.

HT5 Fractions

in Numeracy we have been working with fractions of shapes and numbers. Do you know what a numerator is? Can you find a non-unit fraction of 20?

HT4 Litter picking

As part of a clean up campaign for the local area, the Y3 classes went out onto Windermere Rd to give it a spruce up. It looked much better when we'd finished!

HT4 Cliffe Castle visit April 2019


HT4 Stone age bread

We learned about the everyday lives of people in the Stone Age and had a go at making our very own loaves using flour and water. 

HT4 Cave art

Inspired by the artists of the paleolithic period we attempted our own cave art, some of us using natural materials as tools.

HT4 Litter picking

As part of a week long project by the school, Y3 went out on Windermere Road for a clean up operation. We sorted everything that could be recycled. We even found some money belonging to a charity!

HT4 World Book Day   March 7th 2019

This year we decorated potatoes as our favourite book characters.

HT4 Forces

As an introduction to our new science topic we explored everyday games and toys looking for push, pull and twist forces.

HT4 Statistics

After working on our skills with charts and tables we took advantage of a nice afternoon to create some giant human Venn diagrams outside.

HT3 RE Making our own stained glass windows.

HT3 Science Day

Bradford University visited school and we had the opportunity to undertake various investigations with an 'Outer Space' theme. There was everything from aliens to lasers!

HT3 - Our topic this half term is Volcanoes. In Design Technology we have been creating our very own volcanoes using papier mache. They come complete with boiling hot lava!

To commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1 Year 3 used Big Arts Day to create some spectacular poppies for a class display of remembrance.

In November we visited St John's Church to see the Bible Times Exhibition. There were bibles in many different languages. There was even a Lego bible! In RE we have been learning about special books.

In October Year 3 visited Chester Zoo. We have been learning about rainforests and endangered animals. We enjoyed watching the elephants have their lunch and saw a snake so big it needed 9 zookeepers to lift it!

Year 3 went to Blackhills campsite in the middle of September 2018 to enjoy the woods.  The children built fires, and shelters and also played hide and seek (with a difference!)