What We've Been Up To

Half Term One

Topic - Ourselves 

What Makes Us Us?



In Literacy this half term we have been look at the stories Titch by Pat Hutchins, Funny Bones by Allan Alhberg and Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French to support the topic Ourselves.  Year one have been concentrating on the basics of literacy which include; capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops in 'perfect' sentences.  The children have also been introduced to the suffixes 'ed', 'ing' and 'er'.  Year one are enjoying spotting these suffixes across all areas of the curriculum.  The children have also begin guided reading sessions and also spelling sessions, with a weekly spelling test on Fridays.



Numeracy this half term is all about place value and within 10.  The children have been practicing skills learnt in reception; how to subtize, count using one to one correspondence and greater than and less than.  The children have been introduced the greater than and less than signs, through the aid of the number gator, who likes to chomp numbers that are greater.  The children have also been introduced the KIRFS which are key mathematical concepts the children need to learn by heart by the end of year one.  



Year one have been learning about Ourselves through the following areas of the curriculum Science, History, Art and Design Technology.  The children have been look at parts of the body and also their skeletons labelling diagrams and learning the 'Dem Bones' song.  They have been looking at pictures of themselves when they were younger and have created their own family trees.  The children have painted their own self-portraits whilst looking towards Van Gough for inspiration.  They have listened to the song 'When I grow up' from the musical Matilda and thought about the changes from being young to adulthood and what they will be able to do when they 'grow up'.  The children have also been thinking about their five senses, exploring them inside and outside the classroom.  They have also been thinking about their well-being thinking about good mental health and healthy living.  The children have also been thinking about autumnal changes and the season autumn, the children were tasked for homework to go on an autumn walk and bring some autumnal treasures into school.


Half Term Two

Topic:  Toys

What makes toys fun.



During this half term we have been looking at fairy tales.  We have listen to, read and story mapped the story of Tom Thumb.  We have also listened to, read and story mapped the story of Sleeping Beauty, as we went to the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds.  We will finish the topic with story of the Nutcracker.    In literacy we have also been practicing writing questions using question words and also question marks.  We have also been learning the suffixes 'ed', 'ing' and 'er'.  Finally we have been learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives



In numeracy we have been looking at number bonds of 10.  We have been using the 'part' 'part' 'whole' model to help us learning the number bonds of 10 by heart and also this song    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD9tjBUiXs0

We have also begun thinking about simple addition and subtraction and we have been solving simple reasoning problems.



We have looked at old and new toys and sorted them under the correct categories.  The children have also noticed the materials that toys are made out of and compared the materials of old and new toys.  The children became scientists for the afternoon looking at an experiment to test the best material for a car to travel on.  The children have also been designers, designing homes for Ton Thumb, making them and evaluating them.  The children will also complete the same process for fairy tale finger puppets.