ELKLAN in Year One

In order to support our children become confident language users, we have introduced some strategies within the Year One Classroom Environment.  

Keeping it Visual

Visual Timetables

In order to help the children to sequence their day and particular routines, we have simple visual timetables that allow a 'first, then, next, finally' sequence to take place.

Other Visual Clues

The children have been introduced to 'This is what tidy looks like...' photographs in every area of provision to enable them to be independent when tidying away the resources. 

We have introduced visual task plans with the children and parents to enable them to sequence an activity that initially would require adult support with the intention that the more familiar they are with the plans, the more independent they become.  Task Plans also utilise the 'first, then, next, finally' language. 

Vocabulary Building

Word Wise Whizz

In order to build vocabulary, we have introduced our Word Wise Whizz.  The children will work through developmentally appropriate vocabulary and be scaffolded to understand and use each term correctly. The children are encouraged to use the vocabulary within their daily play and learning and we record how the children use this vocabulary in their speech.