Areas of Learning


Using provision to Challenge the National Curriculum in Year One

In Year One we have continued to use areas of continuous provision to enhance the strategies and skills that the children will have developed from their time in Foundation Stage.  We focus on building the children’s independence and their application of knowledge and skills throughout the different areas of provision. We focus on extending the children’s learning through weekly challenges across a creative and cross curricular curriculum.


Our Creative Area

In our creative area of provision, we have a construction area, a creative themed table and a malleable area. In this area we focus on improving fine motor, creative, planning, designing, making and evaluating skills. For example, when we were learning about ‘The British Isles’ we used construction tools to create structures for our class teddy to travel from one country to the other within the British Isles. We used our reasoning skills to design, build and evaluate our structures.  We thought carefully about how the teddy might have to pass across the Irish sea to travel to Northern Ireland. We had lots of fun!


Our Maths Areas

Year One’s Maths enhanced provision area is designed to enhance child initiated learning. Our maths areas are set to develop the children’s skills with respect to the national curriculum. There is a general maths area for number and geometry as well as a separate measures area focussing on measurement. The areas are equipped with the essential tools the children use freely to complete a variety of tasks. Each week the learning objectives differ to enhance skills for problem solving, recording activities, reasoning or a combination.

As the areas are modified and updated weekly, they are inviting and stimulating through engaging and challenging activities. The resources available allow the children to build their independent learning skills whilst challenging children of different abilities in different ways. The resources available cater a range of learning styles and encourage practical activities to consolidate our pupils learning. We have found this regularly allows children to apply, explore and share the strategies they are taught in their focus groups independently.

Our Reading Area 

Our reading area of provision is set up to encourage the children to enjoy reading a variety of books and texts aimed at the suitable and accessible level for the children. We have a variety of fiction, non - fiction, comics, atlases and dictionaries that are readily available for the children to freely access and share together. Included in the reading area is a selection of levelled reading books so the children are able to choose a book that is at an accessible and appropriate level for their development. Within the reading area of provision is a weekly challenge for the children to enjoy. The challenge has ranged from completing a book review to finding and reading clues to help to design a poster. In Year One we love to read and we proudly display a selection of our favourite authors ranging from teachers favourite authour’s to the children’s favourite authors. We have included a selection of books that we have read from our favourite authors and why they are our favourite.