Learn by Heart Targets and Numeracy Passports

At Hollingwood Primary we place a great emphasis on mental calculations. The ability to calculate in your head is an important part of Mathematics. Children need to develop a range of mental strategies. These will then help your child to quickly work out new facts from related facts.

Learning number bonds in their early years and later on learning their tables are important, as these will help the children become faster at mental calculations. Once they know these they are able to find further related facts.

To motivate children to learn their learn by heart targets, this year we have re-launched the Numeracy passports. The Numeracy passport is a booklet which consists of learn by heart targets.  It is important that children are learning these at home as well as in school.

  • The passports start in Year 2. Children then progress through the rest of the passports at their own pace.
  • Order- Bronze, Silver, Gold , Platinum, Platinum Plus, Diamond
  • Children will be tested in school on these learn by heart targets.
  • The test consists of 10 questions that must be answered within one minute.
  • Each target is to be successfully achieved 3 times.
  • Once the passport has been completed children receive a 5 point credit note which they can spend in the Numeracy stationery shop (opened once every half-term).
  • A certificate is also awarded and will be handed out in celebrations assembly.
  • Children who complete the Platinum Plus passport are awarded 10 credit points. They visit Mr Duke to celebrate their achievement and collect the Diamond passport.
  • For those children who achieve the Diamond passport there is a special mention in whole school assembly and they receive a special prize.
  • Children who achieve Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond passports are displayed in the hall of fame display.


             Click here to see the Learn by Heart Targets                            Click here to see the Parents Guide to the Numeracy Passport.  


Your child can access their Numeracy Passport via our Virtual Learning Environment