Busy Bees Nurture Group

Our Busy Bee Nurture Group offers a homely environment within school where children are able to receive extra support in a small and friendly group whilst still following the same curriculum as their peers.

We run morning sessions for children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 whilst afternoon sessions are for Key Stage 2 children.

A typical session would begin with a welcome and social time where we share news and focus on our speaking and listening skills.  We will then complete a short literacy task followed by playtime.  Children all then gather round the table to share snack before we move onto a numeracy session.  The session ends with a nurturing time such as playing games, baking, free play or sharing a story.

Children’s Commissioner Visits Bradford Nurture Group

Hollingwood Primary School welcomed a visit from the Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield and Kevin Kibble the Chief Executive of the Nurture Group Network.

This was a fact finding visit for the Children’s Commissioner to understand the impact of ‘Nurture’ provision in schools. Kevin Kibble shared the latest research results which showed that Nurture provision is very successful in improving the social and emotional development of children. It is a cost effective way of supporting children and families.

Hollingwood Primary School is passionate about nurturing their children and provides a highly successful Nurture provision.